100 Little Things Round Five

New to my 100 Little Things challenge?  I explain why I continue to do them in this post.

Round Five // August 2018 - July 2019

1. Learn how to grill a steak (learned how to make burgers on a charcoal grill instead, May 2019)
2. Make homemade vanilla extract
3. Bake a two-layered cake
4. Bake three new kinds of cookies (Oatmeal Toffee Cookies in August 2018, S'Mores Chocolate Chip Cookies in September 2018, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies without Refined Sugar in March 2019)
5. Buy a proofing basket
6. Start a weekly "soup night" in the fall/winter (started in October 2018)
7. Make two new flavors of homemade ice cream (Mint Chocolate Chip and Fruit Sherbet, June 2019)
8. Make five recipes from my sourdough cookbook
9. Make a new recipe from Run Fast, Eat Slow (made Flu-Fighter Chicken & Rice Stew, December 2018)
10. Go through the millions of recipe printouts and use or toss (May 2019)
11. Take a manual photography class
12. Learn how to photograph low light interiors correctly
13. Make a quilt using Memere's fabric
14. Make a "little things" notepad (and maybe sell it?)
15. Make a wreath with materials from the yard
16. Make a pinata with the kids
17. Create a photobook with the Instagram photos of our 2017-18 school year (August 2018)
18. Complete a #100dayproject
19. Write at least one snail mail letter monthly
20. Mail five packages, just because (March 2019)
21. Make a minibook (February 2019)
22. Complete another December Daily project
23. Finish a cross-stitch project
24. Finally pay off the car
25. Start a new car fund
26. Pay off three student loans
27. Read three finance books
28. Check out Aldi
29. Have professional family photos taken (October 2018, but the photographer's memory card was corrupted and we lost all of the photos, so we'll need to have them taken again)
30. Read Kristin Lavransdatter
31. Read Don Quixote
32. Finish my "Into the Depths of Catholicism" reading challenge (5/12)
33. Read the entire Bible in a year
34. Finish the Jackson Pollock biography
35. Start reading a few books from the doula reading list
36. Blog everyday for a month (June 2019)
37. Invite someone to guest post
38. Finally work on the tabs in my header (February 2019)
39. Create a "homeschool favorites" page (February 2019)
40. Decide if I want to upgrade the blog to a ".com"
41. Buy a new pair of jeans (August 2018)
42. Invest in a piece of clothing from Everlane (bought the Drop Shoulder Tee on Poshmark, May 2019)
43. Get a haircut (gave myself a trim instead, May 2019)
44. Organize my closet (December 2018)
45. Get an updated glasses prescription
46. Order new glasses
47. Go for a yearly physical
48. Measure for new (non-nursing) bras (September 2018)
49. Learn about stocks and investments (March 2019)
50. Identify the trees in our backyard (June 2019)
51. Plant shrubs in the front flower beds
52. Have the first floor painted
53. Install a porch swing
54. Hang a gallery wall of black and white family photos in the living room
55. Hang a gallery wall of kids art in the basement stairwell (August 2018)
56. Buy two more chairs for the dining room table
57. Find a lamp for the hallway console table (October 2018)
58. Hang a curtain in the laundry room
59. Reseal our driveway (March 2019)
60. Stain the front porch (May 2019)
61. Replace the outdoor lanterns
62. Finish our emergency kit closet before winter (December 2018)
63. Put a Mary statue in the garden
64. Decide where we want to install a garden on the property
65. Grow cucumbers
66. Grow tomatoes
67. Plant wildflowers (March 2019)
68. Buy new dryer balls (September 2018)
69. Paint Sophia's room
70. Paint TJ & P's room
71. Paint the school room
72. Save up for a new sectional
73. Save up for two new chairs for the living room
74. Buy a new mattress and set up the guest room (January 2019, bought a new mattress for the sleeper sofa instead)
75. Remove remaining dead trees in the front yard
76. Propagate my Christmas cactus in a new planter (June 2019)
77. Get the generator serviced
78. Beat my personal best 5K time
79. Reach the halfway point on the Amerithon Challenge
80. Run the Turkey Trot again and beat my first time
81. Run the Historic Half again and beat my first time
82. Complete a month-long "running streak" challenge (turned into a run/walk streak, August 2019)
83. Do a pullup
84. Try a shampoo bar (February 2019)
85. Start a compost pile (March 2019)
86. Sew a linen bag to hold sourdough loaves
87. Sew some fabric napkins
88. Make my own laundry detergent
89. Bring Sophie for her K immunizations (August 2018)
90. Adopt a dog (April 2019)
91. Potty train P
92. Give some of the baby clothes away to someone who needs them (March 2019)
93. Go see fireworks
94. See an outdoor movie
95. Help place Christmas wreaths at Quantico National Cemetery
96. Attend the local Christmas parade
97. Go on a date with Mark quarterly (3/4: October 2018, November 2018, March 2019)
98. Visit Jamestown
99. Go on a cousins weekend trip
100. Try out the local farmer's market

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