100 Little Things: August 2017 - August 2018


1. Re-read all the books in the Little House series
2. Read a book over 500 pages (In This House of Brede, April 2018)
3. Re-read all the books in the Anne of Green Gables series (Anne of Green Gables in September 2017, Anne of Avonlea in January 2018)
4. Take the Catholic Mindfulness course
5. Finish reading the Catechism by January 1
6. Bake a new quick bread (pumpkin bread, October 2017)
7. Try a new dairy-free recipe
8. Run the Historic Half again and beat my first time
9. Run a 10K (Shenandoah Leaf Peeper 10K, October 2017 & Turkey Trot 10K, November 2017)
10. Try a new breakfast spot with the "Fab 4" and my Dad (December 2017)
11. Meet a blog friend (I met so many at the CWBN Mid-Atlantic conference!  August 2017)
12. Visit the Virginia Safari Park
13. Hike in Shenandoah National Park
14. Have another cousins weekend trip
15. Learn about Georgia O'Keeffe and try her techniques
16. Learn about Jackson Pollock and try his techniques
17. Learn about Edward Hopper and try his techniques
18. Learn about Maya Lin and try her techniques
19. Make lavender sachets
20. Learn (and be able to recite!) a new poem by heart (September 2017)
21. Make a photobook with our wedding photos
22. Start a Q&A journal for my kids (starting the One Line a Day journal instead, January 2018)
23. Blog everyday for a month (Write 31 Days)
24. Read aloud 1000 books
25. Send out 50 vintage postcards
26. Start a commonplace notebook (August 2017)
27. Build an outdoor dining table for the back porch (we ended up buying one instead, March 2018)
28. Participate in the International Correspondence Writing Month in Feb
29. Make a mini album
30. Make a "1 Second Everyday" video
31. Place an order on Mochi Things
32. Learn how to play cribbage
33. Learn a new card game (SET, January 2018)
34. Come up with a solution for recyclables (August 2017)
35. Get a shorter haircut (September 2017)
36. Potty train TJ (February 2018)
37. Take an Epsom salt bath
38. Go apple picking
39. Complete a Week in the Life photo project in the fall (tweaked to a monthly photography project: Our Extraordinary Ordinary Life)
40. Complete a Week in the Life photo project in the spring
41. Sign up for a Blessed is She membership
42. Make kindness rocks with the kids
43. Learn the definitions to 20 SAT-like words
44. Clean my makeup brushes
45. Find a type of sushi that I like (March 2018)
46. Make a big batch of homemade taco seasoning to keep in the pantry (August 2017)
47. Buy a plant for the master bedroom (moved in my Christmas cactus, September 2017)
48. Buy a succulent (May 2018)
49. Join a CSA
50. Learn how to make baguettes
51. Bake bread in the dutch oven (January 2018)
52. Buy an ice cream maker (June 2018)
53. Grow tomatoes
54. Grow cucumbers
55. Buy another vintage globe for the collection (March 2018)
56. Pay off the car
57. Paint a piece of furniture with chalk paint
58. Try kombucha (February 2018)
59. Make a calm down glitter jar
60. Plan out flower beds for the front of the house (hired a landscape architect, April 2018)
61. String lights throughout the back porch
62. Research composting (February 2018)
63. Paint the shutters and front door
64. Paint the entire second floor
65. Complete a December Daily project (June 2018)
66. Wrap and read one book everyday during Advent (December 2017)
67. Make a popcorn garland for the Christmas tree (December 2017)
68. Watch the Nutcracker (December 2017)
69. Buy a piece of original art (December 2017)
70. Make a Kitchen Recipe Binder
71. Try a new essential oil diffuser blend (Orange and Peace&Calming, October 2017)
72. Host a brunch
73. Join Catholic Book of the Month Club
74. Add three saint picture books to our collection (2/3: St. Nicholas, St. Patrick)
75. Hang a gallery wall of family pictures
76. Camp indoors with the kids (during a power outage, March 2018)
77. Create a bird watching kit
78. Buy a rug for the master bedroom (moved the rug from the living room into master, September 2017)
79. Buy a rug for the school room
80. Eat dinner by candlelight (during a power outage, March 2018)
81. Try using the freezer paper stencil method on a t-shirt
82. Read a biography about Dorothy Day
83. Begin a monthly "Crafternoon" with the kids
84. Learn to paint with watercolors
85. Finally finish Sophie's princess cross-stitch (December 2017)
86. Complete a new cross-stitch project
87. Make a quilt
88. Replace the dining room light fixture
89. Make a fire pit
90. Bake a cake
91. Complete the PiYo program
92. Paint the little boys' headboards
93. Make oobleck
94. Try a new tea flavor (tried Peach Mango, October 2017)
95. Hang a porch swing
96. Plant a Mary flower garden
97. Make root beer floats (August 2017)
98. Learn how to dehydrate fruit
99. Create a huge highway using painter's tape
100. Make a new wreath

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