Thursday, October 11, 2018

No.187: 34 Things I Love // A Birthday Gratitude Journal

the way the sun shines in my bedroom in the morning 
sending surprises in the mail
quiet car rides
S's ridiculous "riddles" that crack everyone up
glow-in-the-dark stars on the little boys' bedroom ceiling
a husband who cherishes me
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
the way P waves and says "bye Daddy" every morning
drinking from my new coffee mug
baby steps closer to financial freedom
finally hanging frames on the walls
the look of pride in J's eyes as he reads something easily
making Memere's crepes
back-to-back sales on Poshmark
letting myself have a good cry (it's always cleansing)
D's amazing grilled cheese sandwiches
"I Love Lucy" reruns
the way M cares so deeply for his siblings
little touches of autumn decor throughout the house
crossing a few things off my (never-ending) to-do list
TJ's joy
new boots, just in time for cold weather
honeycrisp apple butter on toast
cool breezes through open windows
timing dinner perfectly to Mark's arrival (rare!)
rocking on the front porch
gorgeous red and orange sunsets through the trees
the way a deer's coat changes color in the fall
ending the day with a good book
stacks of freshly folded jeans, in all the sizes
giving old furniture new life with a coat of paint
God's faithfulness
another year to learn, grow and love my people


  1. A good cry. Always the best (worst) feeling! Totally cleansing indeed.
    Ending the day with a good book-- yes please!!!
    Happy Birthday, sweet, sweet friend!

  2. I love this :) happy birthday!!!


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