Monday, April 30, 2018

No.115: Five April Favorites (A Link-Up & a Giveaway!)

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Welcome to the Five Favorites linkup!  Congratulations to Rita, with March's winning post: Five Inspiring Quotes from Sister Helen Prejean.  Be sure to check below for this month's prize pack!  

One of the fun things about the first spring at a new house is discovering all of the flowering shrubs and plants!  We have a forsythia shrub in our front yard and I am in love with its tiny little yellow flowers.  Spring is coming - slowly, but it's coming! 

Mark heard about this cheese at work and bought some for us to try.  According to the package: "English Farmhouse cheddar blended with sweet caramelized onions creates a nice sweet and savory balance."  It was SO good!

The three biggest boys share a bedroom and it quickly becomes a pit of destruction when their things are out and everywhere.  To combat the clutter, we bought these navy storage trunks to put at the end of their beds.  They love that they can keep their important Legos and books away from nosy baby brothers and I love that their room generally feels clean 90% of the time.  Win/win! 

The dirty cups situation in the kitchen was getting out of control, so I went back to my color-coded system from a few years ago.  I ordered cups from Re-Play and they are awesome!  The price is right, they're sturdy, and they come in a ton of different colors.  Bonus: they're made in the US and are dishwasher safe.

Have you heard of #the100dayproject?  Creatives are dedicating 100 days to a specific theme and sharing their work on Instagram.  The timing didn't work for me this year, but I love watching and cheering them on!  Three of my favorites:
  • Elise (@elisejoy) is using the theme of #100craftadventures and is taking 15 minutes (or more) out of her day to make something with her hands.  So inspiring!
  • Brooke (@brooke_petermann) has been exploring rainbows with her hashtag #100daysofrainbowfun.  I love how inventive her posts have been.  Her project is a beautiful example of seek and you will find.  Turns out rainbows can be everywhere!
  • Christy (@a_creative_almanac) has been illustrating #100daysofourlady and they are incredible!  She recently ran into technical difficulties when her computer died and is hoping to raise enough money through her shops to buy new equipment.  (I purchased a little something for next month's Five Favorites giveaway so stay tuned for that. 😀)

A Peek into April's Prize Pack
The giveaway items I've chosen are a mix of some of my favorite things: etsy finds, vintage pieces and little bits picked up from various stores.  All have been purchased by me and nothing has been sponsored.  This incentive is to thank you for visiting here and linking up your posts.  It's my small way of showing you that your words are being heard!  I read every single entry and try to comment on or share a few (I wish I could do this for every one - not enough hours in the day!)  Here's how it works: every time you link up a blog or Instagram post, you get an entry.  The official closing date will be Sunday, May 6th and I'll randomly pick a winner on May 7.

April's prizes include:
1 // Tall daisy glass

2 // Hello notecard from acbcDesign

3 // Two Bobo's Oats Bars

4 // Sky blue Snack Pack from Re-Play Recycled

5 //  Three packs of tags

I can't wait to hear about what you're loving this month!  Here's what to do:
1. Write a blog post sharing about five of your favorite things.  You could also share a photo on Instagram too! (hashtag is #bwffivefavorites)  It can have a theme (ie: five of your favorite slow cooker recipes) or just a mishmash like I usually do.
2. Please link back to this post so your readers know where to find the Five Favorites hub (posts not mentioning "Five Favorites" or not linking back to this post will be subject to removal).
3. Not mandatory, but feel free to visit some of the other posts in the link-up!  Sharing and/or leaving a comment is even better.
4. Make sure to add a link to your specific post or Instagram picture, not just your blog address.
Thanks for linking up!


  1. Oooh those color-coded cups! I need some of those. I keep hearing so many good things about Trader Joe's dips and cheeses and somehow I always skip that section in the store....(FYI your link to the storage trunks goes to

    1. Trader Joe's gets me in trouble! We have to save it for special occasions or I would spend our entire grocery budget on silly things like fancy cheese, haha!
      (I think I fixed the trunks link - thanks for the heads up!)

  2. Excited to try that TJ cheese! Sounds delicious! And thank you so much for sharing my 100 day project / encouraging me along with your IG "likes" and kind comments. It means a lot! Cheers!

    1. Can't wait to see what you create during the next 60-ish days!

  3. Thanks for hosting this Ashley! I love the prompt to pick some favorites at the end of every month. :)

  4. Can't wait to hear what else blooms on your new property! And I love how sturdy Re-Play's things are- I just bought some more of their utensils for Cora. :)


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