Monday, April 16, 2018

No.108: Intentions for the End of April

I took an unintentional, but much needed internet break last week.  It was a week full of family and weekday sleepovers and play dates - so many good things!  Because of all the extras, I had to scrap my never ending to-do list and stick to the essentials.  Sometimes life forces my hand a bit, telling me sternly, "Lady, you need to check yourself.  You can't do it all and that's okay."  I'm always grateful for that reminder to slow down.  Especially when I refuse to do it on my own.


  • Habit of the Month: Thoroughness
  • start running at least three times a week - movement is the goal, not paces or miles
  • try making bulletproof coffee
  • choose a baby gift for my cousin's shower
  • buy a baptism gift for a friend
  • buy tiny hooks 
  • string lights throughout the back porch (100LT #61)
  • do a science experiment with Sophie
  • make dentist appointments
  • print photographs off of old hard drive 
  • finally finish December Daily 2017 album
  • finish another book that I've only partially finished
  • pick a date for a field trip
  • recommit to weaning P - make a plan and stay strong!
  • start dreaming and sketching our garden for next year


If you're reading on your phone or in a reader, be sure to click over to see what I checked off the list!
  • switch car seats around (5 out of 6 were happy about the change, so pretty good odds, hah)
  • take out clothes to spring/summer and pack away winter (half done!)
  • fix the dryer hose
  • start a deep cleaning of the house (I'm using this checklist - thank you for sharing, Jessica!)
  • finalize plans for front walkway and flower beds (the estimate was waaay more than we had budgeted, so we've decided to just do the flower beds for now)
  • string lights throughout the back porch (we need to pick up tiny hooks first)
  • install curtain rods and hang curtains in the dining room
  • make dentist appointments (need to sync with Mark's schedule)
  • print photographs off of old hard drive for my December Daily album
  • mail another batch of postcards (I still have some room left on the list - sign up here!)
    • return to a few half-finished books and finish them (finished In This House of Brede, but then started and finished two new ones...oops!)
    • research safe sunscreens that actually work (trying Bare Republic - thanks for the recommendation, Catherine!)
    • bake a loaf of whole wheat bread
    • make a batch of granola
    • learn how to make baguettes 
    • find a local milk provider (did the research, now to figure out how to budget it!)

    What about you?  What do you hope to accomplish in the next two weeks?


    1. I'm having the problem with half-finished books too, ugh. And thank you SO MUCH for the sweet postcard. It made my day!

      1. I used to thrive having two or three going at the same time, but lately can only concentrate on one at a time. And there's always something new and interesting to start!

    2. Good luck weaning-- it's so very hard!!!

    3. I'm excited to see you are using my spring cleaning checklist! I hope it's helpful. Thank you for sharing!

      1. It's been SO helpful! Thank YOU!


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