Monday, March 12, 2018

No.94: My Springtime Postcard Project

I am so excited about today's post!  Inspired by Naomi, one of the tasks on my 100 Little Things list this year is to mail fifty postcards.  The original plan was to copy her directly and send vintage ones...but then I found this set from David Allen Sibley.  These postcards are absolutely gorgeous.  Sibley's watercolor artwork is so colorful and detailed!  I really love that there are a wide variety of birds represented, everything from woodpeckers to songbirds to owls.  I was tempted to keep the set intact and add the box to our nature basket, but ultimately decided that I couldn't keep them just for myself.  

So here we go!

Today I'm launching the Springtime Postcard Project, in which I hope to send these fifty postcards out into the world.  Each one will include a unique message: I'm thinking a short story from my life, a recipe, a poem or maybe even an inspirational quote.  Can I add you to the list?  It would be so fun to "meet" my readers in a new and different way.  Fill out the form here, then sit back and watch your mailbox for a springtime surprise.

I received these postcards from Blogging for Books but all opinions are my own.


  1. Every time I read one of your posts, it just brightens my day but your snail mail ones are my favorites. <3

    1. Your comment totally made my day, thank you! Can't wait to send you a little sunshine in your mailbox :)

  2. What a wonderfully fantastic idea! And these postcards are just gorgeous! <3


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