Thursday, February 22, 2018

No.86: Our Extraordinary Ordinary Life // February 2018 Edition

"The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children." 
G. K. Chesterton

One of my 100 Little Things tasks this year was to complete a "Week in the Life" project like I did a few years ago.  For whatever reason, that seems like a monumental task when combined with all of my other responsibilities, so I'm tweaking it into something new: a monthly Day in the Life.  Ten photos throughout the day that show a peek into our extraordinarily ordinary life.


When I scribbled down this idea in my planner, I had no idea it would coincide with the most beautiful spring-like day in February: 75 degrees and sunny!  We were about an hour into school when one of the kids asked, "Do you think we could have some recess and go outside?"  How could I say no?  We spent the rest of the morning riding bikes, swinging and playing basketball.  After a fancy lunch of Ramen noodles and a salad for me, we had Quiet Hour while the baby napped (the big two and I read, the littler ones drew with Art for Kids).  Then it was back outside!  Add in a lot of laundry and a homemade blueberry pie and it was just the best day.  The warm sun and fresh air were so good for all of us. 


  1. Replies
    1. It really was! Now we're back to cold, rainy weather so I'm extra glad to have documented it. :)

  2. That quote!!! I want that up at my house!!!
    I love the idea of occasionally capturing life as it is. The ordinary. The mundane. I think that's why I've been able to keep up my Around Here posts so religiously. I know that someday I will look back on those and be SO glad that I have them on the blog.

    Love your family & blog so much!!!

    1. I totally agree. I recently re-read some of my old Around Here posts and just could not believe how much I had thankful that I recorded all of those little things. I can't imagine how I'll feel once they're all grown and gone!

  3. I wish more people still blogged like this!!! This was my favorite post I’ve seen/read in a long time :).

    Also that pic of your dryer is super cool and artsy! :)


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