Tuesday, February 13, 2018

No.82: Around Here in February

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WEARING //  When I'm at home, I'm in my L.L.Bean pullover or my Athleta sweatshirt all day erryday.  I try a little bit harder on the days I leave the house.

READING //  All the books!  Mark and I (quite unintentionally) stopped watching TV at night and I'm able to get big chunks read before bed.  I'm currently at 11 finishes and am in various stages in Happier at Home, The Imitation of Christ, An Everlasting Meal and The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.

PAINTING //  My living room last weekend and it turned into a huge fiasco.  My entire first floor has textured walls and I had no idea how hard it would be to repaint them.  The two living room walls took TWO cans of paint and hours of work!  And to make it worse, they are still splotchy.  I'm so frustrated and will be inquiring prices from professional painters this week.

HANGING //  My new master bedroom art!  I bought the art from Caitlyn Connolly and had it framed with Framebridge.  I highly recommend both!  I'm so in love with the result and am now committed to finding special pieces to add throughout the house.  (Obviously there's nothing wrong with the big box stores, but I love the idea of directly supporting the artist.)

PLANNING // for our third term in school.  It's hard to believe we only have 14 weeks to go.  What a beautifully hard and yet wonderful year we've had so far.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to go back to homeschooling, but we all are thriving! 

BAKING // bread.  I'm obsessed and try to make something every other day.  I just got a new cookbook about sourdough and can't wait to start.  I also made a blueberry pie.  

FINISHING // our taxes. Woo!  This was a tricky year with home buying/selling and Big White Farmhouse small business stuff, but I enjoy the puzzle.

HAVING // a "come to Jesus moment" as I stepped on the scale for the first time in awhile.  I've been in a funk since I hurt my hip in January.  Very little exercise and crazy hormones has me gaining more than I'd like...okay way more than I'd like.  So back to the drawing board I go.  More diet tweaks, more water, and finding an exercise routine that works with my crazy life. 

ENJOYING // the break from freezing temperatures and the first small peeks of spring.  I can't wait to see green again! 

PREPARING // for Lent.  My plans are to workout first thing in the morning (something I've tried and failed at...mostly because I like my coffee and pajamas) and each day pray especially for a family member or friend.  I'll also be reading a book from Scott Hahn.  Nothing extreme and actually pretty lame, but I hope it will be enough for a fruitful Lent.  Less of me and more of Him.


  1. I refuse to get on a scale until March 1 when WW starts (again!). Love your Come to Jesus terminology :) Also, let me know if that book is good, just getting my sourdough starter started!

    1. I will! I think I need to wait a month so my house is warm enough to grow the starter, but I can't wait!

  2. Cracking up about 'come to Jesus moment's #SAME - My Lenten promises are for working out each day and giving up cursing (eek!) I love your pray for someone specific idea though! Maybe borrowing it! Xoxox!

    1. All winter, I've been all about the self-love (aka procrastination and justification) talk, but the scale has a way of slamming on the breaks, haha! Sometimes Mama needs a good kick in the pants...or else her pants won't be buttoning much longer! :)

  3. Just remember, you are more than a number girl!!! Kisses!


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