Friday, February 9, 2018

No.81: Our Farmhouse Schoolhouse in Photos (Weeks 21&22)

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Two weeks of ordinary school days.  Throughout the year, there seem to be weeks of input and weeks of output.  Some weeks, we're cranking out art projects and paragraphs and activities.  Other weeks, we're just listening to pages and pages of books and having heartfelt conversations.  The past two weeks were the latter.  While it seems like we don't have much to "show" for it, my kids will talk your ear off if you ask. :)


+ We finished up the last handful of stories in American Tall Tales.  Their favorite, by far, was Paul Bunyan.  We also finished Redwall, which was wonderful and had the boys asking for chapter after chapter.  I think I read about nine chapters that last day because they had to know the end! 

+ M (5th grade) read through The Silver Donkey for WWI history.  It's not his typical go-to genre, but I think it's always beneficial to read different viewpoints in history.  He liked it.  Now onto The Singing Tree.

+ In the little kids' history, we finished up Squanto. This little book started so many interesting conversations.  For example, when Squanto sailed back to England with the colonists, the Captain put him on display so the English could pay to see a "real" Indian.  Great segue into the dignity of the human person.

+ After two months away, we're back to our African studies!  We jumped into Ethiopia and Kenya with these books: A Story, A Story and Mama Panya's Pancakes.  The first picture book wasn't an exact match (I even think it's from the wrong side of the continent, technically) but we still enjoyed the story.  Mama Panya's Pancakes is one of my favorites - such a sweet story of generosity.  For dinner, we made honey garlic berbere chicken thighs over rice for Ethiopia and beef stew for Kenya.  

+ Monday, February 5th, was our 100th day of school!  This felt like a huge accomplishment, so we celebrated by making homemade donuts (with a like-new donut pan I found at the thrift store for $2.99!!) and blowing up mini balloons.

Current 1000 Books Project Total: 106/1000


+ Health: I'm in a funk.  Paused on working out and am trying to give myself some grace since P is sleeping horribly at night again.  I'm exhausted.  BUT!  I'm drinking more water and have had a few salads, so small victories.
+ Reading: I finished The Paris Architect and Columbine.  Currently reading Happier at Home for book club, An Everlasting Meal and The Thief.
+ Spiritual: I started The Imitation of Christ and like it so far.
+ Fun: Looking forward to painting my first floor this weekend.


  1. I enjoy your weekly updates! And I think all of us are in the hibernation portion of winter aka So Over It.


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