Thursday, February 1, 2018

No.78: New Habits, Little by Little: Cooking at Home (January 2018)

January was a great month for me in the kitchen: very little sugar and a lot of healthy eating.  And bread.  Lots and lots of homemade bread. 

Week 27 (cont.):
Monday, January 1: chili with cornbread waffles in the waffle maker
Tuesday, January 2: drunken slow cooker beef carbonnade stew (minus the drunken part - I didn't have any beer) over egg noodles
Wednesday, January 3: chicken thighs with roasted broccoli and potatoes
Thursday, January 4: tacos
Friday, January 5: chili cheese fries using leftovers from Monday

Week 28:
Saturday, January 6: Grandpa visits! chicken orzo soup and homemade bread
Sunday, January 7: Grandpa visit. simple tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Monday, January 8: leftovers
Tuesday, January 9: baked chicken breasts and steamed broccoli with a tomato cream sauce
Wednesday, January 10: Chick-Fil-A to support our new local pregnancy center
Thursday, January 11: french onion meatballs, mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts
Friday, January 12: homemade pizza for the kids, Home Chef for date night (Japanese sirloin steak with mirin demi-glaze and buttery glazed carrots)

Week 29:
Saturday, January 13: simple tomato soup (again!) and homemade ciabatta bread
Sunday, January 14: chicken pot pie soup and homemade biscuits
Monday, January 15: pot roast
Tuesday, January 16: tacos
Wednesday, January 17: panko chicken fingers and salad
Thursday, January 18: Fridge Clean-out Night
Friday, January 19: balsamic chicken veggie bake

Week 30:
Saturday, January 20: chicken drumsticks and wings for the kids, Home Chef for date night (sirloin steak with balsamic sauce, crispy potatoes and brussels sprouts
Sunday, January 21: we just had cereal or popcorn after a late lunch at my parents
Monday, January 22: parmesan veggies and sausage over rice
Tuesday, January 23: french onion chicken and salad
Wednesday, January 24: beef stew (adapted to the dutch oven) with homemade ciabatta bread
Thursday, January 25: enchiladas
Friday, January 26: frozen pizza for the kids, Home Chef for date night (sirloin steak with blue cheese compound butter, green beans and roasted fingerling potatoes)

Week 31:
Saturday, January 27: panko chicken fingers and salad
Sunday, January 28: bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with brussels sprouts
Monday, January 29: philly cheesesteaks
Tuesday, January 30: salisbury steak meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes
Wednesday, January 31: chicken pot pie filling with homemade biscuits


  1. I love reading others' menu plans!:)

    1. Me too. I often need a little boost to get the ideas flowing, haha!

  2. As a terrible meal planner, I'm always impressed at this! And I love how y'all do date nights with Home Chef :)

    1. We LOVE our Home Chef date nights! We just decided to give it up for Lent and are already bummed, haha!


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