Friday, January 19, 2018

No.73: Our Farmhouse Schoolhouse in Photos (Week 19)

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2018 is just zipping along - three weeks in already!  I've been having mixed levels of productivity: one day I am on fire, crossing off everything on my to-do list...and then the next day, I blow it all off to stay under a blanket and read.  This crazy weather we've been having in Virginia may have something to do with that...


+ We're still reading and loving Redwall.  The boys, especially J, has been inspired to draw the characters and act out the battle scenes.  So fun - and encouraging - to know that they're actually listening.

+ M is learning about World War I in history and the first half of Sergeant York was on his assignment list for the week.  He couldn't put it down!  He finished the entire book in two days.  Next up: watching the old 1940's movie this weekend with his dad.

+ In M's History of Science, he started learning about Isaac Newton.  A few facts I found fascinating:
- Did you know that some think Newton may have had Asperger's?
- Unconvinced with Descartes and his beliefs on light, Newton did some dangerous experiments, including poking a needle behind his eye to see what would happen and staring at the sun while reflected in a mirror. (!!)

+ We learned a new card game (100 Little Things #33) called SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception.  There's a little bit of a learning curve but we had fun working together to make the sets.  Speaking of games, we also bought Civilization for the computer and the boys are hooked!  They have to work together or the computer gets shut off - I love seeing their heads huddled together as they make their plans and strategies.  

Current 1000 Books Project Total: 92/1000
Poetry Teatime Treat: homemade granola


+ Health: I'm almost through Week 1 of the Mutu System, which is super easy: a handful of exercises and a daily walk.  My "walks" have just been to the mailbox, but I do have a really long driveway, so I guess it counts?  Still mostly sugar-free, but I did splurge with a little homemade granola.  So good.

+ Reading: Finished two books this week!  I'm still working on Anne of Avonlea and Water for Elephants before I start on our February book club book.

+ Spiritual: I'm reading one small section of Fulton Sheen's Guide to Contentment each day.  Also trying to make a game plan for Lent - I can't believe it's so close already!

+ Fun: Blogging and bread-making are at the top of the list this week. 

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  1. How are you liking Water For Elephants? I loved it so much!!!


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