Friday, January 12, 2018

No.69: Our Farmhouse Schoolhouse in Photos (Week 18)

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And just like that, we're halfway through our school year!  I'm wearing that sentence as a badge of honor today.  Some weeks have been wonderfully easy and some weeks have been insanely hard.  But couldn't that be said for motherhood in general?  I'm trying to stop frantically worrying that I'm screwing up my kids and making wrong decisions and have peace that I'm doing what is best for them right this minute.  For now, the future can wait.


+ Our new read-aloud for the rest of January is Redwall.   I remember my brother reading and enjoying these as a kid and now I understand why!  When I shared the book on Instagram, there were so many positive comments about the series, so it definitely is a favorite among many.  As an addition, my little ones have been following along to the story using the graphic novel version.

+ M finished up his unit on Galileo.  Our last "project" is to finally put together the new-to-us telescope we were gifted a few months ago!  Two interesting links we found this week:
- This article about the Catholic perspective on the Galileo controversy
- A weird fact: Did you know that Galileo's middle finger is on display in the Florence History of Science Museum?

+ After getting back to normal, the last piece of the school day puzzle was including activities for Sophie and TJ from A Year of Playing Skillfully.   She loves having "special" school subjects just for her - I really need to be better about scheduling the time.  This week, we made cinnamon sugar tortilla snowflakes (a huge hit with everybody) and got the wiggles out with ABC exercise cards.  She and TJ also watched Leapfrog's Phonics Farm and Letter Factory on repeat.

Current 1000 Books Project Total: 91/1000
Poetry Teatime Treat: nothing this week - oops!


+ Health: My right leg/hip/groin feels all out of whack and I've been out of commission all week.  Maybe I should see a chiropractor?  I don't know what I managed to do to myself, but I need to be an adult about it and really let myself heal.  I think my May half marathon is out for 2018. Super frustrating and discouraging right out the gate for sure.  

+ Reading: I finished Such Good Girls.  I'm still making my way through Bishop Barron's new book, Jackson Pollock, Anne of Avonlea and I started Water for Elephants too.  Hoping to finish at least two of these this weekend.

+ Spiritual: I'm reading one small section of Fulton Sheen's Guide to Contentment each day.

+ Fun: I added a few stitches to my cross-stitch.  I've been keeping up with my photography project and have started making plans for a mini album.  My new kitchen table arrived (we've been without one for seven months) and I've been dreaming about ways to spruce up the room.  Creativity can manifest itself in so many unique ways in my everyday life - I just have to seek it.


  1. So for all eternity, Galileo is giving us the finger!?! That is hilarious to me!


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