Monday, January 8, 2018

No.67: Intentions for the Beginning of January

What is it about twinkle lights?  So calming and almost magical.  The tree and most of the Christmas decorations have been packed away for next year, but the twinkle lights in the kitchen and dining room are staying put for now.  Very hygge, don't you think?


  • Habit of the Month: Self-Discipline
  • no sugar all month (use honey/other natural sweeteners sparingly)
  • return to regular running and persevere despite freezing temps!
  • write thank you cards
  • find a family practice doctor in our new town (we've been driving 30min to our old doctors and are ready to make the switch)  
  • look into an extra-curricular activity for the big boys
  • find and join the local Facebook yard sale page
  • finish reading Anne of Avonlea
  • read at least two chapters in my Jackson Pollock book
  • buy paint for the living room
  • try baking ciabatta bread
  • bake bread in the dutch oven (100LT #51)
  • unpack and display my newly inherited china from my grandmother
  • upgrade Inlinkz for the Five Favorites linkup
  • see if someone can recover the files on my old laptop hard drive (St. Rita, patron saint of the impossible, pray for me!) 
  • choose fabric and buy an insert to make Sophia's princess pillow


  • stick with the Rooted in Hope journal (I made it a morning habit and it's been really great)
  • try to take a decent picture of the kids for Christmas cards (time got away from me and I never sent out cards - next year!)
  • buy P's needlepoint stocking (I ended up using one we already owned)
  • stick with December Daily (can't wait to show the finished product!)
  • bake one new type of cookie
  • make a calm down glitter jar (100LT #59)
  • watch the Nutcracker (100LT #68)
  • make a popcorn garland for the Christmas tree (100LT #67)
  • wrap and read one book everyday during Advent (100LT #66)
  • reflect back on 2017 and jot down intentions for the new year
  • choose my One Little Word for 2018 (I wrote all about it here)
  • slow down, unplug and enjoy this last month of the year

What about you?  What's on your to-do list for the next few weeks?


  1. Yay, ciabatta! I should do something similar with sugar. It’s really ruling my day but I keep justifying it because I’m nursing and prone to frantic hunger. Hmm.

    1. I'm using the recipe you recommended! Thanks again.

  2. I've totally fallen off the running bandwagon. Between the cold weather and it getting dark right after Logan gets off, I have zero motivation. And it's not nearly as cold as where you are!! Come on summerrrrrrr. I totally admire you for going no-sugar, by the way. I am so not that brave.

    1. I REALLY fell off the wagon last month and felt like going cold turkey was the only way to get back on track, haha! It's been difficult but I'm hoping if I can hold out for a few more weeks, I'll start to forget how much I love doughnuts. :) #notlikely #prayforme

  3. Yes, twinkle lights are the best. I agree with your description, calming and almost magical. They help me make it through the winter. That is why I insist on keep our tree out until Candlemas.

    1. I can never make it to Candlemas because January makes me want to organize and clean.all.the.things, but the twinkle lights will definitely stay until then! They make the house feel so cozy, especially with this frigid winter weather.


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