Wednesday, February 3, 2016

{five favorites} Vol.11: Nightlights, Marathons & Enjoying Long Winters

Welcome to the Five Favorites linkup!
A reminder about a new twist I'm adding to the linkup this year: At the end of each month, I'll be giving away a prize pack to one #5Faves participant!  Here's how it works: every time you link up a blog post, it counts as one entry.  So if you link up a post every week, you'd get four entries.  I'll keep track throughout the month and then randomly pick a winner on March 1.  

First, let's congratulate Lisa for winning January's #5Faves Prize Pack!  
The winning post: Christmas Gift Favorites

On to this week's favorites:

Protect Your Child's 'PDF': Playtime, Downtime, and Family Time
"There are things to be learned from playtime, downtime and family time that can't be learned in the classroom, onstage, on the field or at the rink.  Our children are learning to bump up against one another and find a way to get along and to find the things that interest them enough to pull them in when time isn't an issue.  They're letting their thoughts sort themselves out, or finding support and comfort in family rituals.  Maybe they'll even learn that eventually, every one feels like they've watched enough television for one day.  Mostly, they're learning to be whoever they are when no one is watching."

I originally bought this for that newborn time when you're up nursing at night.  The light is bright enough to see what you're doing, but soft enough not to keep you (or anyone else) awake.  The kids now use it as a nightlight.  

"The pain that I experienced in the marathon - that's temporary pain," he said.  "Losing a baby is going to be pain endured forever but we have to find ways to cope and this is my way."

The Usborne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Coloring
 We love this book!  The pages are well drawn and interesting.  I like to take these types of books to soccer practice or any place where the little ones need to be entertained.

The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter
"It turns out that in northern Norway, 'people view winter as something to be enjoyed, not something to be endured,' says Leibowitz, and that makes all the difference."


I'd love to hear above five of your favorite things too!  Need some ideas?  Here are a few to get you started:
+ Share five of your favorite blog posts from this week.
+ What are your five favorite movies and why?
+ Show us your planner and five things you do to make your week run smoothly.

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