Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{five favorites} Vol.02: Our Five Favorite Picture Books for Fall

Can you believe we're more than halfway through November already?  After a whirlwind few months, life has finally started to slow down around here and I've been trying to make up for lost time!  This week, we've been reading our fall books before they're put away to make way for Advent.  I thought we'd share them with you!  Here are five of our favorites:

The Little Scarecrow Boy // In this story, the little scarecrow boy longs to follow his father to the cornfields to scare the crows.  Instead, his father wants him to stay and practice his scary faces at home.  The little scarecrow boy goes to the field anyway and tries his skill, but can he succeed in scaring the birds away?

How To Make an Apple Pie and See the World // I just love this one.  This book is a silly story about gathering the ingredients needed for apple pie by traveling around the world.  A recipe for apple pie (which we need to make!) is included in the back.
Nuts to You! // The story of a boy who has a squirrel come into his room through a hole in his screen, this book is simple enough for the littlest readers.  I also like the more detailed squirrel facts in the back for older listeners.

Autumn Days // This book is full of information about the season of autumn and it goes through everything from the holidays to changes in nature.  I love the illustrations.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving // From the description: "Mr. and Mrs. Moose invite all their animal friends for Thanksgiving dinner and the only one missing is Turkey. When they set out to find him, Turkey is quaking with fear because he doesn't realize that his hosts want him at their table, not on it."  A cute one.  

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I'd love to hear about five of your favorite things too!  Need some ideas?  Here are a few to get you started:
+ Tell us about five of your Thanksgiving traditions.
+ What are five skincare or beauty items you use everyday?
+ Share five tips for meal planning and maybe a recipe too! 

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