Wednesday, May 27, 2015

{friendship} My Top Five Favorite Ways to Support Bloggers

One of my goals for May was to support my blogging friends in a more active way.  Instead of looking at blogs as solely a way to ingest information, I tried to do my part too.  This goal is still a big work in progress.  Like many, my blog reading time is so limited, but here are five ways I've been trying to be intentional about spreading love to other bloggers:   

1.  Leave a meaningful comment. // With today's social media, it is way too easy to simply "like" or heart a blog post without any real effort.  And while there is nothing wrong with that, I've been trying to take the time and really add to the conversation instead.  Bloggers LOVE comments.  Sometimes blogging can feel like a one-sided conversation and to have someone take the time to leave their thoughts...well, it's special.  I love hearing from my readers, so I'm now trying to do the same.

2. Share. // Have you ever read a post and found yourself nodding in agreement the entire time?  Maybe you tried a blogger's recipe or followed her tutorial and the result was amazing?  Instead of just ingesting that information and moving on, I've been sharing it with my family and friends.  I'd also like to add a monthly roundup into my blog rotation because the internet is SO full of amazing, talented women.    

3. Click on the sidebar ads. // Many of the blogs I read are just small time mama blogs like me.  We put a few ads on our sidebars in the hopes that maybe someday, we'll earn enough to receive a check.  Depending on your pageviews, most ads only generate pennies a day, but something is better than nothing!  I have tried to get into the habit of reading a blog post, then quickly scanning the sidebar for an ad to click.  It just takes a few seconds more, but I hope it helps get that mama a little closer to her goal.   

4. Shop through their links. // Similar to #3 above, small mama blogs like mine also include affiliate links as a way to generate a little income.  When you click through their link and then make a purchase, a teeny percentage will go back to the blogger at no additional cost to you.  The most popular affiliate I've seen is Amazon, so I try to find a blogger to support every time I make a purchase.  I look for an ad (like on my own sidebar) or even scan a few posts for a product link.  

5. Cheer them on! // Not all of us are meant to become big-name bloggers and that is okay.  Even so, our voice is still important.  I tend to be a bit bashful about praising others, but am working to get out of my comfort zone and do it anyway!  To the blogger that inspires you, makes you laugh and challenges you to be better, let her know and cheer her on.  I think those bloggers deserve to know that their presence on the internet is worthwhile.  

Linking up with Rachel!  What ways do you support the blogs that you love to read?  And tell me your favorites - I'm always looking for great reads!

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