Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{around here} Catching Up

Well hello there, dusty old blog!  After months away, I've started to miss this little diary of sorts.  I can't guarantee that I'll continue to blog with any consistency, but we'll see.  I hope to drop by when inspiration hits.  Here's a little update on life at the Big White Farmhouse:

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant and getting more anxious everyday to meet this little guy.  The pregnancy has flown by and I have been so fortunate to have very little to complain about.  Life has been happening at full speed and I've been lucky to be able to keep up!  Hopefully the last 8 weeks will pass as quickly as the previous 32.   

I've been super lax in my exercise this spring and summer, but have started a personal challenge that has finally gotten me out of my rut!  One of my "100 Little Things in 2014" goals was to run/walk at least a mile a day for 30 days.  July turned out to be the perfect time for me to check this off the list.  I started mid-month, so I'm only about halfway through the goal, but I can already tell that it's turning into a habit I look forward to everyday.

In schooling news, we've decided to homeschool the big boys for Kindergarten and 2nd grade this year.  There are lots of reasons behind this decision, but ultimately, we think it's the best thing for our family this year.  (We're taking it one school year at a time.)  We are primarily using Sonlight but I'm picking and choosing, adding and deleting as we go.  We're definitely adding lots of art and craft projects...my boys' favorite!   

A summer staple that we may or may not have made two nights in a row: Blueberry Peach Cobbler.  I found this recipe through Pinterest and it is crazy easy and delicious to boot.  Big family favorite.

On the business front, Big White Farmhouse, the online home decor boutique I started in January with my cousin, is still alive and growing!  We have learned so much the past six months and are anxious to see where the second half of the year takes us!  Currently, I'm spending lots of time researching and ordering new items to fill our shop for the upcoming holidays (crazy retail has you planning months and months ahead of time!).  I love every piece of the process.  Be sure to find us over on Facebook, where we share most of our news as well as flash sales and coupon codes.  

I just finished reading Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta, which I found really interesting and comforting.  Good thing I purchased the book, because my copy is full of underlining, hearts and asterisks!  So many great nuggets of truth to ponder.  Here's one quote that I've been thinking about today: "Keep giving Jesus to your people not by words but by your example - by your being in love with Jesus - by radiating His holiness and spreading His fragrance everywhere you go."  

Hope you all are doing well, friends!  I've missed you!
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