Thursday, May 1, 2014

{brave} May's Goals

1. Being brave creatively: make silhouettes of the kids.  This has been on my to-do list for months!  
2. Being brave in the kitchen: try a new vegetable.  I just watched a delicious recipe using endive on Food Network, so maybe I'll try that?
3. Being brave in my giving: donate to someone fundraising for an adoption.  If you know of any families, send them my way!
4. Month-long challenge: write one letter every day.  This is probably my most important goal this month.  It's so important to me to be the kind of person that intentionally cares about others.  I want to be the girl who sends a timely note for friends going through a hard time, celebrating a new baby or whatever the reason may be.  Hoping this monthly exercise will create a habit.
5. Do a better job documenting the completion of my goals.  I hope to blog a bit more throughout, instead of just a before/after recap.
6. Read one book.
7. Go antiquing.
8. Hang curtains in the kitchen.
9. Launch a second section to the Big White Farmhouse shop: the Garden.  (Tomorrow is the big day!)

P.S. Be sure to enter our giveaway on the Big White Farmhouse blog for a chance to win two of our new products: a "You are my Sunshine" garden marker and an Herbs Seed Bomb pack!  Giveaway open until May 7 at 12:00am EST.  
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