Monday, October 21, 2013

{life list} Watch 100 Documentaries: #6-10

Happy: This was an interesting look at what makes people happy.  Biggest lesson from the movie: Happiness is a choice.  I loved the personal stories throughout.  Thought provoking.  

Beware of Christians: While I didn't agree with their theological opinions 100%, I did think that this movie was a good look at religion from the perspective of today's generation.  Lots to think about and it challenged me to learn my faith more as a response.  

Lost Angels: This movie takes a look at life for the homeless on Skid Row.  I found it fascinating and heartbreaking.  Even within the homeless population, people crave community and a place where they feel they belong.  I do believe there was a slight political spin at the end, but other than that, I felt it was well done.

Catching Hell: If you are a Boston or a Chicago baseball fan, this ESPN documentary is a must-see.  It explores the idea that fans use a single incident as a scapegoat to explain decades of losing.  I know I have uttered the name Buckner with gritted teeth, but not after watching this movie!  

The Business of Being Born: A look at modern obstetrics and midwifery.  I have only had positive experiences with hospital births, but I do think home births are beautiful too.  While I do think there was an obvious slant toward midwifery and a few scare tactic scenes, I found the movie interesting and pretty informative.  

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