Sunday, September 30, 2012

{family} Introducing our Newest Addition!

I am so excited to announce our sweet girl's arrival!
She is a doll and we are so in love.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{kids craft} Welcome Fall with a Painted Leaves Collage

Well, I'm feeling quite embarrassed about my whine-fest in the previous post. Sometimes life is just overwhelming and writing it out is theraputic, you know?  Funny what a good night's sleep can do. After weeks of insomnia or using the bathroom CONSTANTLY all night long (thank you pregnancy!), God has been gracious and given me a few consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep! What a gift...and what an amazing way to gain some perspective.

So I'm happy to report that I'm in a much better place this week and in turn, I think I've been a much better mother.  And nothing gets a "Yay! You're the best, Mamma!" like a spur-of-the-moment art project, albeit with a semi-selflsh motive.

Back story: After perusing our new SuperTarget, I came across these simple white frames on clearance for 50% off: 

$4.98 for an 11"x14" frame?  Yes please!  I've also been on the search for simple (read: cheap) fall decor, since big purchases are just out of the question right now.  Oh to live on a budget...I'm sure most of you can relate. :)

Cue the kids and the art project.  My inspiration came from this tutorial, with just a few tweaks.  For one, we used tempera paint with paintbrushes instead of finger paint.  I limited the boys to red and yellow, which they then mixed to make orange too.  I also ended up tracing and cutting out the leaf shapes myself, since there was way more interest in the glueing part.  

Our final result:

I love it!  And yes, the walls really are that yellow....think Ronald McDonald meets the majority of my first floor.  Lots of home improvement posts to come!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{ramblings} Catching Up: A List

One of the last boxes I packed....obviously over the whole packing experience!

Hello, hello!  Popping in to catch up before diving back into the craziness.  My brain is mush, so a bullet list will have to do today:
  • I AM TIRED.  I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking, but moving at 37 weeks pregnant is a ridiculous idea.  I am huge, achy and largely miserable.  Thank goodness for the nesting instinct that gets me motivated to do anything.
  • As if this time wasn't stressful enough, my otherwise really healthy children have been taking turns with a lovely stomach bug.  So GROSS.  So badly timed.  
  • Between the sickness and the moving, the kids have been watching crazy amounts of PBS cartoons on TV.  The worst part is that I'm just too tired to feel guilty about it. 
  • The old house = stress-inducer.  We thought we found a renter, but she unfortunately fell through.  And even though I worked all summer long, the rental management company apparently has a list for us of improvements they'd like to see completed.  (Good point to know: we now live two hours away).  Exactly how I pictured spending the last few weekends before my 4th baby is born!
  • The new house = craziness. Boxes to unpack and a house to organize, all while my kids run rampant.  Did I mention the disgusting dog prints we found all over the carpet (that smelled like poop!) when we walked in for the first time?  Did I also mention that we haven't had hot water for three days?
  • This post is turning into a whole lot of complaining.  Sorry about that.  Not typical for me as I'm usually a glass-half-full kinda girl.  I need some prayers!
  • One more order of business - Mamma Support Swap: hopefully everyone who participated has mailed their packages by now.  If not, please get those out soon!  Oh and Megan (winner of my giveaway!), I haven't forgotten about you!  I hope to find our new post office this week.     

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{i want to remember} - 9/4/12

With the movers coming in just a few days, I'm becoming quite sentimental!  Here are a few things I want to remember about this little home of ours:

I WANT TO REMEMBER... moving into this house on a crisp fall day, almost six years ago.  I was just weeks away from M's due date and we were so excited to be able to bring our baby back from the hospital to a home.  Our home.

I WANT TO REMEMBER... the slow and steady process of making it "ours" through the years: new furniture, a kitchen renovation (and how excited I was to get new countertops!), DIY projects like the board and batton, and my favorite: having hardwood floors installed.  

I WANT TO REMEMBER... what "living in the country" feels like: wildlife in our backyard, lots of trees (requiring lots of raking in the fall!), and trips to town that take 30 minutes or more.     

I WANT TO REMEMBER... that this home will always have a special place in my heart.  It's where I learned how to be a mother and a better wife.  I grew self-confidence here.  I learned to embrace my vocation, discovered new hobbies and uncovered some long-hidden dreams.    
I WANT TO REMEMBER... how we grew from a couple to a family in this home.  Our boys' early memories are here: birthday parties, family dinners, playing in the backyard and lots and lots of laughter.  We have much to remember and be thankful for.

Off to make more memories in the next chapter of our family's life.  We are excited to see all that is in store for us!    
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