Friday, January 18, 2019

No.210: The Good List // Vol.03

a little list of things I noticed this week 

Snow.  There is nothing so awe-inspiring to me than freshly fallen snow under a pastel sky.  

Friday, January 11, 2019

No.209: The Good List // Vol.02

a little list of things I noticed this week

I focused on the lens of homeschooling for my list this week.  Being responsible for my children's education is both a privilege and a cross.  Can I admit that out loud?  On most days, I'm thankful for the opportunity to let my children learn at the pace they need with the materials that help them the most.  This situation is truly the best for our family right now, but geez, it's hard.  I'm learning that dichotomy of good/hard is true for a lot of worthwhile things in life.
A few things I noticed this week:
  • I somehow managed to sleep past 7am on the first day back - I never sleep past 7am.  I then managed my time so poorly that I taught school in my flannel pajamas!  Lesson: getting back into a routine takes time for everyone, including me.  Be gentle.
  • S may have some hints of dyslexia and that saddens me for her sake.  I'm choosing not to dwell on the negative because it's not my first rodeo (this will be my third) and I know I can do this.
  • I'm always amazed at how much they recall from things I've read aloud.
  • The awkward way my son still holds his pencil - it's something I tried and tried to fix, but now have decided that it's just something that makes him unique.


kindergarten enthusiasm ("One more page, mama? Please please please?")
brand new sharpened pencils
when they make connections across subjects
listening to J read aloud to his big brother
the look of pride on their faces when they struggle but succeed
little doodles drawn while I read aloud
finding movies that connect with material we're learning about
an afternoon warm enough to send everyone out for extended "recess"
when everyone does their work without complaint

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

No.208: Intentions for the Beginning of January

New for 2019: consistently paying attention to the lives of the saints.  I unearthed this book from my shelves and have started reading a few paragraphs while sipping my morning coffee.  I'm just a week in and am already enjoying the variety of these followers of Christ.  Men and women, rich and poor, educated and not, extroverts and much to learn from every single one!  We just celebrated Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton's feast day on January 4th and I've been pondering this quote from her:     
"Put your heart at His feet.  It is the gift He loves the most." 
So simple and yet somehow so hard too.  I'll be repeating this to myself when I (often!) make life much more difficult than it needs to be.


  • finish taking down Christmas decorations
  • add consistent strength training to my weekly workouts
  • sign up for a half marathon 
  • create an updated chore chart
  • photograph and list all remaining inventory for Poshmark
  • propagate my Christmas cactus (100LT #76)
  • make paper snowflakes with the kids
  • bake cookies with J
  • make at least 5 recipe printouts from my huge pile (part of 100LT #10)
  • start my #100dayproject
  • attend a Latin Mass
  • read Revelation and listen to commentary from Dr. Taylor Marshall
  • write a snail mail letter
What about you?  What do you want to accomplish in the next two weeks?

Monday, January 7, 2019

No.207: Books & Family Goals for Epiphany 2019

This post contains affiliate links.

Our third annual Epiphany dinner!  As we ate our pot roast and potatoes, we chatted about our family goals from 2018 and what we'd like to work on in the new year.  Our top three are:
  • Work as a team and cooperate.  
  • Spend more time outside. 
  • Create habits to make Sundays truly a day of rest.
After dinner, everyone ripped open their gifts wrapped in gold paper and cozied up by the fire.  I love this sweet tradition and how it ends the Christmas season on such a high note.  Our Epiphany books for 2019:

The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity by Taylor Marshall

ASHLEY - Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-Town Obituary Writer by Heather Lende

M (age 12) - 
13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi by Mitchell Zuckoff

D (age 10) - Edge of Extinction #2: Code Name Flood by Laura Martin

J (age 8) - The Saint Chronicles, Collection 1

S (age 6) - Science! STEM Sticker Adventure

TJ (age 4) - Dinosaurs Seek & Find by Romain Amiot and Loic Mehee

P (age 2) - Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Kevin Lewis

Friday, January 4, 2019

No.206: The Good List // Vol.01

a little list of things I noticed this week

We bundled up in coats, hats and gloves and snuck out the door before little brothers could see.  The smell of fresh, piercing cold air greeted us the moment we walked out the door.  In our boots, the frozen grass crunched and she giggled at the sound.  We held hands as we hiked through the bare trees to the furthest edge of our property.  As we looked back at our home peeking through in the distance, she sighed, "Oh mama, it's just so beautiful out here!"  I want to remember cold breaths swirling, pink noses, and the look of awe on her face.  We both can't wait to go out again soon.

on a warmer day, we played football in the front yard and went exploring...

"Folklore says the woolly bear caterpillar can predict the severity of the winter simply by the length of the red-orange band at the center of its body.  Basically the more red-orange there is the warmer the winter and the less red-orange, the colder, more snowy the winter will be." (via)  If only it were so easy!    
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