Monday, January 20, 2014

{link list} Monday Morning Link List

There is just so much goodness around the internet lately.  Here are a few links I've found for your Monday reading:
  • I love the idea of Thank You Thursdays (found over at Tabitha's blog, Team Studer).  I think I want to do a similar idea with handwritten letters to family, friends and even that blog/Instagram friend I've never met.  The wheels are turning!
  • I wished I lived closer to Atlanta so I could check out this amazing store that Anna found.  Looks so cool.
  • Love these baskets and I'm tempted to pick up a few for my closet office.
  • This post about self care was really great.  Winter seems to be the time of year when I tend to fall into a rut, so I'm making a simple list of things I'd like to work on.
  • These Raw Oatmeal Cookie Bites look easy and delicious.
  • Did you read this post: How to Keep the Toys from Taking Over?  WOW.  Just the inspiration I need as I work on revamping our playroom to work better for us.
Any great links that you've found lately?  Fill me in!


  1. awe thanks love for linking over to the oatmeal bites! girl! how are you doing with no sugar?! I dreamt about doughnuts last night:(

    1. No sugar is getting a bit easier every day, but I've been pinning every sweet treat imaginable on Pinterest, so the desire is still there, hah! :)


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